Chef Jonathon

Theres nothing quite like a partnership of food and music and Chef Jonathon brings his chef skills of 20 years, literally to the table, from the age of 15 he started his career in the culinary world at Grimsby catering college, passing all the entry exams with flying colors, then winning several competitions that followed, allowing him the chance to cook in London. This opened up a wide number of opportunities and he was just 16 when he took part in a live cooking demonstration over a three day period,  soon after was asked to cook for the Chinese Ambassador!

After studying the basics at college  he was soon thrown into the deep end, into a real  kitchen, learning all he could and teaching himself with the passion he had for creating amazing food, Chef Jonathon worked his way up to head chef running three different kitchens in the north east of England, (Grimsby being one of the most iconic fishing towns in the world with record catches in the historic docks)  cooking and creating his own unique fusions of British, Italian and French Cuisine with an emphasis on fish cookery. Travelling the world as the king in the kitchen with Bex Marshall they deliver “Blues and Stews” where ever they tour, from private parties in Norway to LA Mansions, London private dining to Cyprus Pop ups he can melt his ideas and food to cover any edible fantasy to feeding the masses in style! 



If you would like to book a Blues and Stews event please contact us through the email at the bottom of the page

If you would like to make a special occasion really special then you should think about booking the Blues & Stews team!

Create your own menu with Chef Jonathon who has 20 years experience in world cuisine and choose the musical itinerary with Bex Marshall!

From a full blues band to solo serenading Bex can carefully taylor your entertainment for your special day or night…available worldwide

The sky is your limit and it wont cost the earth

We will be re launching the Dodgy Fox, London this August 2024…it will be available for fine dining and small gatherings with live music to suit….

Imagine a place …..

Where you didn’t feel anxious 

Where you can be yourself 

A safe place.. private space 

Yet .. with a certain something else ..  somewhere that feeds your imagination and your appetite 

.. chose a menu that suits your taste .. A Mad Hatters tea for party for 8 or a romantic fine dining dinner date and then of course .. you get to choose the music …

what more could you possibly want a plethora of professional musicians creating any style of music your heart desires … .. now if that hasn’t got you thinkin…

for more info contact HERE