✨✨✨. Bex is looking forward to returning to the Cerys Matthews show on 16th Sept with her full band for a live studio session


Bex Marshall 



Brit songstress Bex Marshall combines blues rock-roots and swampy blues in an indelible package, vibey hollowbodies saucy vocals and a pack of London heavyweights support an album full of sensuality and fire. Highlights include Lay Down and Die, Preaching to the Choir and Jungle where dirt, reverb, dobro and drama coalesce into fine entertainment, Bex plays guitar like she means it!


Singer-songwriter Bex Marshall has a scorched-earth yowl and deft touch on a resonator guitar that would command attention under any circumstances, but the clincher is her songcraft. Allergic to hack work, even her approach to old topics feels fresh – try recent single 5AM, which must be one of the genre’s greatest evocations of licking your wounds in the small hours.

8/10 Henry Yates

Top Review from PHILLYCHEESEPHIL ❤️.. Marshall’s guitar mastery combined with her wonderful raspy vocals and brilliant song-writing make for a captivating listen. The record is an absolute delight..
Riding atop a spirited funky groove, Marshall pulls me tightly in to the record with her cool-as-hell Tina Turner/Pink Floyd-ish cocktail “Preaching to the Choir”. A driving rhythm slathered with a delectable serving of swampy slide guitar and fearless vocals create a moment of pure listening perfection in “I Can’t Look You in the Eye”
“Fortuna”. Stevens keeps the song cooking on high-heat, as Marshall tears it up on guitar. In many ways, this track brings to mind a favorite band of mine Phish. Blues gushes out of every pore as she belts out “Lay Down and Die”. I love the closing track “When It’s Gone”. It brings the album to a freewheeling finish invoking the sounds of The Grateful Dead and Fleetwood Mac, creating a floaty atmosphere in a beautiful, lofty space. Bex Marshall’s Fortuna is a top favorite of blues releases I have heard so far this year. I highly recommend this record https://phillycheezeblues.blogspot.com/2024/03/670-bex-marshall-fortuna.html?m=1

“….she delivers with considerable class..: Fortuna is an emporium well-stocked with appealing goodies…you’ll get socked in the jaw by the brilliance of Fortuna……“I think I am in love……But that voice! Bex is the complete package; powerful, soulful, sexy…. Review: Pascal van Wilsum (Pascal Wilhelm)

This is the first new recording from Bex Marshall in 12 years. A gifted guitar player with a distinctive gritty vocal style, this recording is some perfect roadhouse blues and should help re introduce her as one of the great talents of her generation…..


“An exceptional display of talent, virtuosity and vibrancy.” Metalplanetmusic reviews Bex Marshall‘s new album “Fortuna” released tomorrow! Read – https://shorturl.at/arNWZ

A New Contender For Queen of British Blues …It’s fascinating that barely two songs here follow the same musical template; yet the album works perfectly well as the sum total adds up to a 10 in anyone’s books.

Bex Marshall is undoubtedly a musical and personal tour-de-force, and this album is proof that ‘Fortuna’ does indeed favour the brave  ❤️❤️❤️

This is how blues rock is meant to sound. It’s ripe full of pure emotion and  authenticity and perfectly delivered through a soulful guitar and gritty vocal…..There  is much to rejoice in this album, and a performance on the KTBA Cruise is a must.


Classic Rock 

The clincher is her song craft … 5am must be one of the genres greatest evocations of licking your wounds in the small hours! 



“Bex Marshal has been keeping her powder dry for too long, but this one is packed full and it fires straight and true” … Cracking review from BLUES IN BRITAIN MAGAZINE ..  www.bluesinbritain.org


With slick licks that push into the centerline of the piece, “I Can’t Look You In The Eye” rises like a serpent on a gravelstone path. The voice is crushed stone & bone: a combination of fortitude, mortar, and moxie. Meantime, the guitar shimmers flawless as the skin on a diamondback.

BBC RADIO 2 Cerys Matthews invited Bex Marshall on her show for a Live session in Sept 2024 !!

BBC RADIO 2 Cerys Matthews invited Bex Marshall on her show for an interview 26/02/2024 https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0b25mg0





Blues In Britain Magazine 03/01/24

I Can’t Look You In The Eye single released 02/02/2024

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2024 is set to become the year of the new record after over a year of production its ready to go! The brand new Bex Marshall Fortuna will be released on 1st March 2024 and three singles of the record will start with the track “5am” being released on the 5th Jan watch the video HERE, the second release is the remixed single ‘I Cant Look You In The Eye’, drops on the 2nd Feb and the third single Preaching To The Choir will be released on the 1st March alongside the new album FORTUNA.